Talk about trust and politics

Talk about immigration

Talk about jobs and the economy

Talk about bridging divides.

Talk about bridging divides. Find common ground.

Find common ground.

It's like grabbing a virtual beer (or coffee) with fellow citizens.

Let's talk about our political differences.

The recent election reminded us that America is a big country. Talking over a cold beer (or a hot coffee) has long brought Americans together. With Talkabout, it's now possible to do this online. Talkabout is a platform for small-group video discussions that brings people together in a safe space. It only takes 30 minutes.


Take the Talkabout discussion pledge and get started

Keep an open mind I will listen to what my peers have to say and assume everyone has good intentions.
Share, don't convince I will express my thoughts in a way that seeks to build understanding rather than to criticize or convince others of my opinion.
Be good I will show respect, kindness, and tolerance towards my discussion partners, even if the beliefs they express differ from my own.