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3 steps to set up talkabout

Email us with the link below.

This email helps us ensure our servers are adequate for your class and plan potential "beta" features we can test in your class.

Plan your discussions.

As an instructor, you set the agenda for the discussion. This is just like a discussion plan in a classroom section (examples coming soon). In this step, you'll also create multiple times which students can choose from to discuss. You can create one discussion session, or create one every week, etc.

Instructors do not need to be present while students are discussing

Announce Talkabout in your class.

Once you've created the discussion prompts, all that's left is to announce Talkabout in your class. We also encourage you to participate in discussions.

You do not need to worry about how students are grouped into discussions, what happens if students don't show, if too many students show, if students want to reschedule... Talkabout handles all of these for you automatically.

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